Meet Our Team

Carl L. Whatley, Jr.

CEO, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

Carl Whatley leads Vitruvias with expert knowledge of all facets of the generic pharmaceutical drug industry. His leadership background coupled with a passion to expand the generic drug market have led to the development of multiple successful companies bringing next generation drugs into American pharmacies.

  • 35 year veteran in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Formed Cendalor LLC in 2009, a boutique management consulting and investment analysis firm serving the pharmaceutical, medical food, and dietary supplement sectors.
  • Served as Chief Executive Officer of Kowa Company Limited, which acquired ProEthic.
  • Co-founded ProEthic Laboratories, LLC and Midlothian Laboratories. In under 5 years, the combined companies were generating top-line revenue of almost $40 million.
  • Spent 20 years in various pharmaceutical divisions of American Home Products Corporation, which included Ives Laboratories, Ayerst Laboratories, and Wyeth Laboratories. Won several national sales awards including the Presidents Golden Circle and the Gala Award for outstanding performance.
  • Authored “Getting Under the Skin” by C. Whatley, Pharmaceutical Formulation & Quality
  • Featured a 2008 edition of “PharmaVoice Magazine” as part of the “100 of the Most Inspiring People of the Year” within the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Small Business Administration’s Business “Person of the Year” for the State of Alabama in 2006
  • Selected as a finalist for Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year Awardin 2005 and 2006
  • Co-holder and co-inventor of three patents
  • Chairman of the Board of E.A.T. South, a nonprofit that encourages healthy lifestyles through education and sustainable food production.
  • Chairman of the Auburn University at Montgomery Capital Campaign and Chair of the Auburn University at Montgomery Chancellors Advisory Board
  • B.A. from Auburn University at Montgomery, selected as a “Top 40 Alumni” in 2010

Bryce Harvey

Executive Vice President, Co-Founder, and Director

Bryce Harvey leads Vitruvias as Vice Manager, Co-Founder and Director. With decades of experience at Johnson & Johnson and successful growth of two companies prior to Vitruvias, Bryce is a seasoned industry leader with an acute sense for business development and key partnerships.

  • 35 year veteran in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Founded H2-Pharma in 2013, a company that focuses on the research and development of niche generic drug opportunities.
  • Co-founded Midlothian Laboratories with Carl Whatley, growing the company from one product to over two dozen and attained profitability in every year of its operation.
  • 22+ years experience in various pharmaceutical divisions of Johnson & Johnson, including Ortho Pharmaceuticals and McNeil Pharmaceuticals.
  • Earned B.S. in Marketing form Florida State University

Roger Graben


Dr. Roger Graben is responsible for building and operating the commercial and quality assurance operations at Vitruvias. With decades of success in hospital, clinical, retail and academic settings coupled with executive-level business experience, Roger is a key leader who brings excellence and expansion to Vitruvias products and partnerships.

  • 29 year industry veteran
  • Served as Chief Operating Officer and Board Member at Kowa Pharmaceuticals America (KPA) prior to Vitruvias. Responsible for daily operations and oversight of business development, alliance management, quality assurance, pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs, trade, distribution, operations, facilities, fleet, and information technology. Held several Vice Presidential roles within KPA’s various business sectors during his tenure at the company.
  • Began as a formulation scientist with Solvay Pharmaceuticals and grew through a managerial position into Director of Quality Control with Chelsea Labs (a Rugby Generics/Marion Merrill-Dow Company).
  • Licensed pharmacist who owned a successful independent retail pharmacy
  • Member of the Auburn University Research Advisory Board
  • Served on Auburn Montgomery Dean’s Advisory Council
  • B.S. in Pharmacy, M.S. and Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics from Auburn University

Eliot Murray

Chief Financial Officer

Eliot Murray joined Vitruvias in January of 2018, after having consulted with the company during its startup phase and Series A capital raise. In his role as Chief Financial Officer, he is responsible for all financial and accounting operations of the company. Eliot brings strong financial acumen to the team by way of unique experiences across diversified industries.

  • 10 years pharma industry experience
  • Responsible for financial planning and analysis at Kowa Pharmaceuticals America from ProEthic transaction through a branded co-promotion effort with Lilly
  • Worked in accounting and logistics roles at ProEthic Pharmaceuticals before and during the sale to Kowa
  • Served in numerous pricing and strategy functions with software, telecom, and fintech companies
  • MBA from Auburn University Montgomery

Kevin Swiss

Vice President of Development

Dr. Kevin Swiss serves Vitruvias as the Vice President of Development. He is committed to building global partnerships with top labs and scientists expanding the American market with inherently difficult to develop generic drugs. Kevin brings a rich regulatory and scientific background accompanied by repeated success achieving new drug approvals.

  • 20+ years industry experience
  • Established CMC GMP LLC, which provides regulatory and compliance solutions to companies in need.
  • While working with the Kowa Research Institute, he wrote the CMC portion of the Livalo® NDA which received first cycle approval.
  • Joined ProEthic Pharmaceuticals and led their CMC/QA to the approval of Cambia™ for migraine.
  • Served PharmaNet as a consultant where he shared his expertise leading to several new generic drug approvals.
  • Led the CMC regulatory group at INEX Pharmaceuticals establishing the CMC strategy to the approval of their anticancer drug Marqibo®.
  • Experienced CMC reviewer in the Division of Allergy and Pulmonary Drug Products at the US FDA.
  • Earned M.A. from Princeton University and Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Emory University.
  • Completed several years of postdoctoral research in structure elucidation of marine natural products and the structure of anionic reagents at the University of Illinois Champaign.

Lisa Apolis

Senior Director Regulatory Affairs

Lisa Apolis is a certified Regulatory Affairs (RAC) management professional with a strong chemistry background and extensive pharmaceutical experience. Lisa’s hands-on management experience in Regulatory Affairs across both small and large pharma allow her to be a strong leader and contributor in the Regulatory arena.

  • 30+ years industry experience
  • Expert in Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Regulatory Affairs
  • Experience spanning both generic and brand name companies, including Schering-Plough, Amgen, Mikart, and Blu Pharmaceuticals.
  • Graduate Certificate in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Regulatory Affairs
  • Certification in Regulatory Affairs
  • BS in Chemistry

Jose Suarez

Senior Director Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Jose E. Suarez is a seasoned pharmaceutical industry professional with extensive experience in manufacturing, operations/supply chain, product development, continuance improvement, and business development. Diversely experienced from start-up to work-out, turnaround and rapid growth – resolving long-standing challenges, and creating solutions that improve production and operational/supply chain efficiencies. Throughout Jose’s career, he’s consistently leveraged expert analysis and instilled best practices to promulgate lean approach/team empowerment that drives organizational improvements.

  • 35 + years of industry experience
  • Expert in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Packaging, Supply Chain Operations, Controlled Substance Infrastructures, and Product Development.
  • Experience spanning both generic and brand name companies, including Key Pharmaceuticals, Schering-Plough, KV Pharmaceuticals, Andrx Pharmaceuticals, IVAX Pharmaceuticals, PL Developments, Nature’s Products, HiMedics, Inc., Mikart Inc., and Blu Pharmaceuticals.
  • Direct experience with ALL dosage forms
  • Co-Author on two patents for sustained-release products
  • Extensive experience with: Six Sigma, Oliver Wight, Just-in-Time
  • BS in Business Administration

Katie Carroll

Director- Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance

Dr. Katie Carroll joined Vitruvias Therapeutics in April of 2019 as the Director of Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance. Prior to joining Vitruvias, Katie served as the Associate Director of Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance for Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc. in Montgomery, AL.

  • 12 years of pharmacy, clinical, and industry experience
  • Experience managing regulatory activities for regulatory applications, including NDA and IND applications
  • Experience as the US Agent
  • Strong eCTD knowledge
  • Pharmacovigilance expertise including strong clinical knowledge conducting medical evaluation for individual case safety reports, MedDRA coding, and regulatory reporting of safety information
  • Served as the responsible person for regional pharmacovigilance for the US
  • Clinical expertise in hospice & palliative care symptom management
  • Licensed pharmacist
  • Certified as a Consultant Pharmacist
  • Certified in Medication Therapy Management and Immunizations
  • Earned Doctorate of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) from Auburn University

Rhonda Ezell

Senior Director Quality Assurance

Rhonda is an experienced pharmaceutical quality professional with leadership proficiency and a strong work ethic. Rhonda has mastered many quality skills including creating a “best-in-class” microbiology department, creating and leading effective teams, developing Quality Culture and implementing multi-site FDA Readiness Programs. Rhonda has spoken internationally on the subject of Objectionable Microorganisms in Pharmaceutical Microbiology and co-authored PDA Technical Report Number 67 “Exclusion of Objectionable Microorganisms from Nonsterile Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Cosmetics”. She also authored a chapter entitled, “Determination of Objectionable Organisms in Non-Sterile Pharmaceutical Products—a Science-Based Risk Assessment Approach” in the book, Microbial Identification: The Keys to a Successful Program edited by Mary Griffin and Dona Reber.

  • 25 + years of regulated industry experience
  • Expert in Microbiology
  • Experienced in pharmaceutical quality
  • Quality Culture Development Leader
  • Created FDA Readiness, auditing and multi-facility gap assessments
  • Experienced in the implementation of technical improvements and assessment of new technology
  • Experience with Microbiology contamination control and Continuous Improvement Initiatives
  • Employee Training and Engagement along with coaching and mentoring experience
  • Speaking events: Parenteral Drug Association (PDA), SMi in London, England, Pharmaceutical Microbiology Forum and the Institute of Validation Technology in Dublin, Ireland
  • BS in Biology, MS in Biological Sciences/ Microbiology

Pam Norris

Senior Accountant

Pam Norris joined Vitruvias in 2017. She was first introduced to the pharmaceutical industry in 2005 where she began work for Midlothian Laboratories in Montgomery, AL. Over the years she has served in diverse roles for various companies within the industry. Her knowledge and experience bring a great addition to the Vitruvias Therapeutics team.

  • 13 years pharma industry experience
  • Served as Pricing and Contracts Program Manager and Accounting Specialist and for Mayne Pharma (previously Metrics, Inc.)
  • Responsible for inventory management and financial reporting at HiTech Pharmacal
  • Experienced in A/P and A/R as Sr. Accountant for Midlothian Laboratories
  • Private contract work in the pharmaceutical industry specializing in customer contract data management

Kellie Herrod


Kellie Herrod joined the Vitruvias team as Controller in 2019. Prior to coming to Vitruvias she served as Controller at ARKAL, an international auto parts manufacturer in Auburn, AL, and Assistant Controller/ Senior Accountant at Kowa Pharmaceuticals America in Montgomery, AL. Her loyalty, passion and dedication to the team efforts and mission of Vitruvias make her a vital asset to the team. Kellie has been working in accounting since 1991 and says that the only thing better than working with numbers is working with a great team and a worthy mission.

  • 10 years pharma industry experience
  • 25+ years of private and corporate accounting and business management
  • BS in General Business
  • BS in Accounting
  • Experience in A/R, Returns, Collections and Money Management

Sara Caldwell

Director of Operations

Sara Caldwell is responsible for the procurement, planning, and execution of our current development programs. She brings her unique capacity, business acumen, and superior management skills to each project.

  • 12 years industry experience
  • Served in Sales, Analysis, Operations and Management positions within ProEthic Pharmaceuticals and Kowa Pharmaceuticals eventually overseeing a sales force of 300.
  • Experienced Client Manager for Health Information Designs, a leading provider of primarily healthcare-related information technology and data analytics solutions.
  • Earned Master of Business Administration from Auburn University, Montgomery.

Tripp Whatley

Financial and Commercial Analyst

Tripp Whatley joined Vitruvias in 2017 where he serves as a financial and commercial analyst. He is a recent graduate of Auburn University, where he earned a degree in Finance. His introduction to healthcare began with New York-based Torreya Partners, where in 2016 he served as a healthcare analyst.

His competitive, thorough approach to financial analytics is a continuation of a winning attitude that began on the baseball field, and culminated with a national championship ring won during the 2013 Junior College World Series.