Vitruvias is a specialty generic pharmaceutical business focused on the development and marketing of generic products with either (i) complex APIs that are difficult to source, or (ii) finished dosage forms that are inherently difficult to manufacture. The highly skilled team at Vitruvias has expertise in all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, including product development, licensing, regulatory affairs, marketing, financial analysis, distribution, managed care, trade relations and sales.

Our business model is predicated on partnerships where each party contributes value based on their strengths and competencies. Our strengths are our knowledge of the U.S. generic industry and our ability to sell and distribute products within these markets. We also have a talented regulatory group with a high degree of expertise and experience.


Vitruvias is committed to bringing technically difficult generic drugs to the market, especially in therapeutic areas where the medical need is critical. In many cases, the availability of these difficult products is limited, or pricing has reached unsustainable levels. Our goal is to increase the availability of these products by overcoming the manufacturing complexities and raw material sourcing challenges through our strategic partnerships.

Global Partners

Valued global partners are essential to the success and expansion of Vitruvias. We offer our strategic partners the commitment of our resources, integrity, and industry expertise to ensure the successful development and distribution of vital generic drugs in an American market. We are always seeking additional opportunities for partnerships, strategic alliances, and joint ventures to enhance our existing development portfolio.

“I am delighted to announce the strengthening of the strategic partnership between Sunny Pharmtech and Vitruvias. These additional projects will allow us to address markets where the options for the patient are limited. We hope our eventual entry into these underserved markets will represent opportunities for patients who need these medicines, and our respective organizations.”

- Dr. Yon-Lian Wu, Sunny Pharmtech’s CEO and Chairperson