Business Development

At Vitruvias, we believe that success in business development must first be built on a basis of trust, honesty and fairness. We strive to uphold these principles in all our relationships and believe that a win-win philosophy makes for great partnerships.

In this age of increasing value in generic assets comes an increase in development and regulatory costs. With that it makes sense for smaller companies, like ourselves, to look for partners. These partnerships fulfill a variety of needs, from mitigating risk to accessing specialized skill sets or capabilities.

We attribute much of our success, both past and present, to valued partnerships and we continue to search for relationships that are mutually beneficial or fill a need. We are particularly interested in projects in the generic injectable market and will consider projects in the oral delivery market where there is some degree of differentiation.

We have received our first ANDA approval and anticipate our second approval in late 2017. We have the capability to do the contracting, sales and distribution of any FDA approved, prescription drug in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Please call us if you have a project in mind; we’re from the South and we like to talk.

You can reach us at 334-329-5601 or send us a message here.